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Vaccines: Vaccination started on 12/14/2020 with the federal government shipping out the vaccine to the states. In Florida, the Governor has authority under the state of emergency to decide who gets the vaccine and when. This is the situation in our area:

Appointments in Collier County for the COVID-19 vaccine will be made via Eventbrite (not first come, first served as previously reported). Registration links

Publix has received the vaccine and you may register at

Appointments for the vaccine in Lee County may be made by calling 1-833-618-2001.

We have applied for vaccine at the office but do not know when we will receive it. Both vaccines that have been approved are safe and efficacious, so, I recommend that you get the first that is available to you. Please also note that due to overwhelming demand both the Collier and Lee registration platforms will have challenges. I recommend that you keep trying daily to register. As more vaccine comes available, things should improve.

The numbers of inpatients with COVID has remained stable at NCH at this time. NCH has received 5000 initial doses of the vaccine and is currently waiting to receive more doses. The administration has committed to pushing out all available doses of vaccine, so, please continue to check the various web sites and phone number as above. More appointments will become available as more vaccine is shipped.

Testing sites in Collier County include: Advanced Medical Center (566-7676), Vava Clinic (331-8520), the health department (252-8200), EPN urgent care (775-2300), CVS (261-6444 and 775-5450), the VA Clinic (659-9188) and Pebblebrook Pharmacy 353-0800.

Below is the link to the updated NCH COVID information page and vaccine sign up when they have supply:




Paul Jones MD