Concierge Medicine

Concierge Patient Services

We are very sensitive to the fact that a healthy doctor patient relationship is one based on mutual trust and understanding. Such a relationship can only be attained in an environment where the patient and the doctor have the time to establish a true partnership to coordinate and manage the patient’s health and wellness. Our goal is that our office and our staff will provide a “medical home” for our patients.

The patient’s relationship with their current specialist physicians will not be affected. Services such as laboratory work, X-rays, consultation with specialists and hospitalization will continue to be covered by the patient’s medical insurance provider or Medicare.

This is our philosophy and our top priority to be available to our patients when they need us and for as long as they need us.

Chart Checkup | Dr. Paul Jones M.D.

The Benefits

The benefits include services such as an annual physical examination; office visits as required; minor office procedures and tests; routine immunizations; hospital and/or nursing home visits; home visits if necessary; and, direct telephone and email access.

  • Prompt patient scheduling, on time visits, and less hurried patient visits.
  • Focus on wellness and preventative care.
  • Dr. Jones is available for extended hours for emergencies and can be reached on his direct line.
  • The doctor will be available at night and on weekends through a direct cell phone number. The good health of our patients is our greatest concern and priority and our entire staff looks forward to serving you.
  • Use the practices’ website to stay abreast of the latest changes in medicine.

Contact Dr. Jones with any additional questions about Concierge Medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do. You would need insurance if you are admitted to the hospital, sent to a specialist, have labs drawn or radiology procedures done.
Yes, Dr. Jones has continually maintained his inpatient admission privileges to the NCH Healthcare System since starting his practice in Collier County. If needed, he is able to admit you directly from the office or through the emergency room in the case of an emergency. He is available to coordinate your care while in the hospital and would also care for you if you needed further rehabilitation or admission to a nursing home.
Dr. Jones and Dr. Koop share the office and cover for each others’ patients when one of them is unavailable or is out of town. Dr. Koop is also board certified and a long time resident of Naples. There is no additional charge from the covering doctor if you are seen.