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The practice of medicine has evolved dramatically in recent years. There are many reasons for this changing landscape and the most important are those that promise a higher level of healthcare and service to the patient. The burden of Medicare and insurer administration coupled with increased costs, decreasing reimbursements and delinquent payments by insurers have combined to put a premium on the quantity of patients seen as opposed to the quality of medical service delivered. The need to see more and more patients has greatly eroded the time a physician can spend with their individual patients.

The response to this situation is a concept called a concierge practice. The term concierge may be defined as “at your service.” Dr. Paul O. Jones and Dr. Hermes O. Koop (hermeskoopmd.com) have combined their professional experiences and training in order to offer their patients a more personal and comprehensive approach to the practice of medicine. In the concierge practice the patients only pay an annual retainer that grants unlimited physician services throughout the year. This arrangement will allow the doctors to reduce the number of patients they have been seeing by at least 80% providing them with optimum personal attention to every patient.