The Naples North Rotary Club

Dr. Jones & The Naples North Rotary Club

Dr. Jones is a long time volunteer at the Neighborhood Clinic for low income working poor in Naples. The clinic, located on Goodlette Road just north of Central Avenue was formed in April 1999. Dr. Jones has served on the Board and continues to volunteer as a physician. This is a very worthwhile charity and invites everyone to come for a visit on one of our clinic nights (Mondays and Thursdays) or, Saturday mornings when we have clinic hours.
He also served as President of The Naples North Rotary Club from July 2008 to June 2009. During that time, the club sponsored the first and we hope annual All Star football game in Collier County, donated books and dictionaries to Avalon Elementary, built a butterfly garden at Avalon, worked with Habitat for Humanity and donated $40,000 in scholarships to Collier graduates going to college or to Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology (LWIT).

Internationally, the clubs partnered with two other clubs to buy 10,000 books for early childhood readers in Jamaica and also are working to bring running water to a village in the mountains of eastern Jamaica. Dr Jones was chosen the club’s “Rotarian of the year” for 2008. In 2018, our club donated a container of over 100 wheelchairs for handicap Jamaicans.

This is our philosophy and our top priority to be available to our patients when they need us and for as long as they need us.

Rotary Club Wheel Chair Donations | Dr. Paul Jones M.D.

Dear Visitors:

As past president of The Naples North Rotary Club I would like to encourage you to participate in our local chapter. We are one of the older clubs chartered June 24th 1969 and have 115 members that meet every Thursday morning at the Kensington Country Club. We are blessed with very active members and pursue all avenues of service vigorously. We are a dynamic club and, have a sister club in Kingston, Jamaica with whom we have partnered on several international projects

We have a very diverse and interesting membership. Our meetings and fellowship are to be enjoyed. In the winter our “Winter Pigeon” friends come to visit and contribute greatly to our Rotary life. We seem to have fellowship or service projects going on at regular intervals and visitors are more than welcome to join us. We hope you enjoy your visit to our club and it’s web site and we invite you to come and have Fellowship with us.

Yours in Rotary Service, Paul

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do. You would need insurance if you are admitted to the hospital, sent to a specialist, have labs drawn or radiology procedures done.
Yes, Dr. Jones has continually maintained his inpatient admission privileges to the NCH Healthcare System since starting his practice in Collier County. If needed, he is able to admit you directly from the office or through the emergency room in the case of an emergency. He is available to coordinate your care while in the hospital and would also care for you if you needed further rehabilitation or admission to a nursing home.
Dr. Jones and Dr. Koop share the office and cover for each others’ patients when one of them is unavailable or is out of town. Dr. Koop is also board certified and a long time resident of Naples. There is no additional charge from the covering doctor if you are seen.