A successful practice of Concierge Medicine!

Dr. Jones’s successful practice of concierge medicine has allowed him the much needed extra time to administer to his patients. I am sure that he greatly appreciates his long time “sidekick”, Michelle Dobies, who is a lovely, sweet, and gentle nurse, and his wife, Susan, also a nurse who comes to their aid when needed. 


I wish to thank and praise Dr. Jones for his intervention in the care of my late husband during his battle with Alzheimers. He enabled me to be his caregiver for a long time because he was always there to give me support.


May God bless everyone during the holiday season.

The "down to earth" doctor that I was looking for!

My family and I have known Dr. Jones, since he came to Naples and started to work in the E.R., and then started into family practice. I found him to have great empathy, understanding, patience, knowledge and the "down to earth" doctor that I was looking for to have as my family physician. He has and continues to be everything that I want in my doctor.

Our two daughters actually LIKE going to the doctor!

How refreshing for us as parents that our two daughters (ages 7 and 8) actually LIKE going to the doctor! They sincerely love and, most importantly, trust Dr. Jones. And so do we. Going to him has been a wonderful experience all-around for our family. Checkups are extremely thorough, our questions are answered in detail, and our opinions are respected. For us, being a patient of Dr. Jones' is a personal health insurance policy in and of itself....we know if anything happens he'll be on top of it and will go to great lengths to see that we receive exactly the type of care that we require.

He has an outstanding staff and relaxing, state of the art office!

I am a kidney transplant recipient. Aside from the excellent care I receive from my neurologist I was advised to have a primary care physician too. I was referred to Dr. Jones by a friend and it has truly been a life enhancing decision, becoming his patient. His medical practice is proactive, especially with my condition and very reassuring. He has an outstanding staff and relaxing, state of the art office. The calm, friendly demeanor is Dr. Paul Jones. I recommend him, his staff and services they provide to everyone.