"2015 Class of 25 over 50: Paul and Susan Jones," by Jamie Stoddard

 NAPLES, Fla. - Paul and Susan Jones have been giving back in Southwest Florida for more than 20 years, using their considerable professional skills to help individuals and groups in Collier County.

Susan Jones started her nursing career at Naples Community Hospital in 1991, and recently opened her own home health care agency, Attentive Nursing Care.

But it's what she does with her spare time that helps set her apart. She's been involved with The American Heart Association and co-chaired the Heart Ball with her husband several times.


"Profile: Dr. Paul and Susan Jones," by Cayla Stanley

The Joneses serve the community well beyond their primary medical missions.

 "It's really kind of sickening to me."

Not exactly the best words to hear about your doctor. Except when they are.

"He makes the rest of us look really bad," continues Alex Garland, current president of Naples North Rotary Club, about Dr. Paul Jones. He has known the concierge physician—and his equally "sickening" wife, Susan—for close to a decade.

Though they'd surely be reluctant to accept the notion, the Joneses could be appointed Naples health care royalty. Named its Physician of the Year for 2014, Dr. Jones leads about 600 physicians as president of the medical staff of Naples Community Hospital (NCH). Susan serves as his manager, as his nurse, and runs her own private-duty service, Attentive Nursing Care. And between the two of them, their dedication has stretched past their family and their medical missions to nearly a dozen more organizations.


"Keeping Up With The Joneses" By John Coleman

Paul Jones left Jamaica with twenty dollars in his pocket and a bicycle to live with his aunt. Susan came from a large farm in a small town in Ohio with a population of sixty-two.

How could a better selection be made than a young farm girl in nursing school who meets her husband while he is in medical school? A few years and four children later (Stephanie, Andrew, Nathan and Juno), they continue to work together as a volunteer nurse and physician at the Neighborhood Health Clinic.

Paul and Susan moved to Naples in 1990. Paul was a founder of Anchor Health Centers, serving as its President until 2002. He is a past Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine at the Naples Community Hospital, President-elect of the Medical Staff at Naples Community Hospital, and among other activities and multiple honors, is a past President of the Naples North Rotary Club. He currently has a concierge practice in Naples. Susan's nursing career has involved oncology, medical/surgery, home health care and rehabilitation. She was recently named as an Honoree of the 2013 Women of Initiative.


What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. Your lungs have 2 main parts: airways (also called bronchial tubes) and alveoli (also called air sacs). When you breathe, the air moves down through your airways and into your alveoli (say: "al-vee-oh-lie"). From the alveoli, oxygen goes into your blood while carbon dioxide moves out of your blood. When you have pneumonia, your alveoli get inflamed (irritated and swollen) and fill with fluid. This makes it difficult for you to breathe.

Pneumonia is usually caused by bacteria or a virus. It can also be caused by fungi or irritants that you breathe into your lungs.