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Dear Patient:

I hope you are well. Here is some information regarding COVID that you may find useful.


The second booster is recommended for patients who are immunocompromised. It is also recommended for people over age 50, especially if there are chronic medical illnesses present such as diabetes, dementia, hypertension or heart disease present. It may be administered 4 months after the first booster and is widely available at local pharmacies.

†Only Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine should be used.

Fortunately, the newer variant although more contagious, is not as virulent and tends to cause much milder disease. In addition, there are anti-viral medications that are available by prescription that can be taken to help mitigate the illness. These are available at some of our local pharmacies. Remdesivir is also available as an infusion for outpatient use and one monoclonal antibody also seems to work. All these new developments combined should significantly mitigate the impact of the virus on our health and daily lives.


If you are fully vaccinated and are exposed to someone with COVID, you do not need to quarantine according to the CDC, but, you should get tested in 3-5 days to see if you are positive. If you are symptomatic within that time frame, it is recommended that you be tested.

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Paul Jones MD