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Dear Patient:

I hope you are well. Here is some new information regarding the vaccines.


A booster is now recommended by the CDC for all adults over age 18. I would recommend that you use the same brand of vaccine for the booster as you got for the first two shots of Moderna or Pfizer’s vaccine. If your first shot was with J&J, I would recommend boosting with either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine.

A vaccine is now recommended for all children over age 5. COVID is usually mild in young children, but the rationale is that an immunized child will help to protect older family members.

Also, please remember that if you do get sick, the monoclonal antibody infusion works well. This can be administered at the outpatient infusion center at the hospital with an order from me. Here in Florida, there are also several centers where the infusion is available without a doctor’s order at various infusion sites. These do work to prevent progression to severe disease.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Updated NCH COVID information page:


Paul Jones MD