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Dear Patient:

I hope you are well. Here is some new information regarding the vaccines from the recent FDA recommendation.


A booster vaccine is recommended if you had the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccine for the first two shots AND if you are immunocompromised (such as receiving active chemotherapy, have primary immune deficiency or are taking immuno suppressive drugs).

A booster is also recommended if you have received the Pfizer vaccine more than 6 months ago and meet any of the following criteria: You are older than 65 or are at risk for severe disease (such as diabetes, immune compromised state, chronic lung, heart or kidney disease). At this time, boosters are not recommended for Moderna recipients.

Boosters are currently not recommended for the Johnson & Johnson shot.

Please note that the vaccines continue to provide very effective protection against hospitalization for coronavirus and, if you do become infected, the monoclonal antibody is a very effective treatment.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Updated NCH COVID information page:


Paul Jones MD