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Dear Patient:

I hope you are well. The numbers of new cases continue to decline steeply and about 65,000 people in Collier and 2.5M Floridians have been vaccinated. It’s working!


Vaccine volunteers:

If you have received one of the following medical licenses, follow this link to add yourself to the FDEM volunteer roster for vaccination sites. (You’ll need to have your license number to register; they will activate it for you if necessary.)

Home Health Nurse * Physician * Medical Doctor * Paramedic


I know for some it has been frustrating, but it will improve as the vaccine supply does. Please note: only go to the approved sites below for appointments. No legitimate site will charge for the vaccine. Below are the options for vaccines available to those of you 65 and over:

· Walmart and Sam’s and (sites also in Lee County). Availability pending; visit websites to sign up for free guest accounts if needed and check for upcoming registrations.

· Collier location booked for first day, potential availability at other sites. Check website for details and future appointment notices.


Other Vaccine Resources

Marco Island Vaccine Distribution: Full time and seasonal residents of Marco Island who are 65 and older can pre-register at any time by visiting

Florida State vaccine website link:

Collier County Appointments: Registration links

By phone: 1-866-201-4885

Publix receives vaccine weekly. Register at

East Coast of Florida: There are available times at the Hard Rock Casino or the Florida Marlins Stadium periodically. You will need to call 786-629-5752 to make the appointment.

COVID-19 Information

Testing sites in Collier County include: Advanced Medical Center (239-566-7676), Vava Clinic (239-331-8520), the Health Department (239-252-8200), EPN Urgent Care (239-775-2300), CVS (239-261-6444 and 239-775-5450), the VA Clinic (239-659-9188) and Pebblebrook Pharmacy (239-353-0800).

Updated NCH COVID information page:



Paul Jones MD