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Dear Patient:

I hope you are well. Many of you have received at least the first dose of vaccine. Please remember that full immunity is not achieved until about two weeks after the second dose and please continue wearing a mask, practicing good hand hygiene and social distancing.


Vaccines: I know for some it has been frustrating, but, it will improve as the vaccine supply does. Please note; only go to the approved sites below for appointments and no legitimate site will charge for the vaccine.

Florida State vaccine website link:

Appointments in Collier County for the COVID-19 vaccine: Registration links

Publix has received vaccine and you may register at

Appointments for the vaccine in Collier County by phone: 1-866-201-4885

There are available times at the Hard Rock Casino or the Florida Marlins Stadium periodically. You will need to call 786-629-5752 to make the appointment

More Americans have received COVID-19 vaccine than having tested positive for the virus, data indicate

Bloomberg (2/1, Cortez, Court) reports, “More Americans have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine than having tested positive for the virus, an early but hopeful milestone in the race to end the pandemic.” According to data from the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker, “as of Monday afternoon, 26.5 million Americans had received one or both doses of the current vaccines.”

The number of new daily cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and positivity rate has all declined in Collier County over the past week. This is very good news!

Testing sites in Collier County include: Advanced Medical Center (566-7676), Vava Clinic (331-8520), the health department (252-8200), EPN urgent care (775-2300), CVS (261-6444 and 775-5450), the VA Clinic (659-9188) and Pebblebrook Pharmacy 353-0800.

Below is the link to the updated NCH COVID information page and vaccine sign up when they have supply:




Paul Jones MD